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Modern aesthetic treatments are helping more and more men look and feel years younger

Whether you feel like you are losing your edge or just want to look a little more refreshed, we all know that medical aesthetic treatments can improve your appearance and help you feel more confident.  While sleep, diet and exercise are the main components of looking and feeling great, what is changing is that men now understand the role of aesthetic treatments more than ever.  We have seen an increase with men receiving non-surgical medical skin treatments in our practice jumping from 16% in 2013, 18% in 2014 to now averaging 26% in 2015.

In addition, a report published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted that the rate of men seeking Botox and dermal fillers these past 5 years has greatly increased. Utilizing non-invasive antiaging cosmetic solutions to look your best is no longer an exclusive female concern.

More so than women, men never want to look ‘done’ and they like to keep it private, thus mostly opting for treatments that have no or very little downtime.

We also notice that men approach aging differently. Most men think some wrinkles are OK, but when they see their grandfather coming through the mirror, they want to take immediate action. As men increasingly try to look their best, medical aesthetic services can boost self-esteem and help men feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Some of the most effective non-invasive rejuvenation options we have seen for men are:

  • BOTOX® and DYSPORT® for excessive wrinkling in brow, forehead and crow’s feet
  • Laser Hair Removal for back, neck, shoulders and chest
  • Vbeam for rosacea and facial veins
  • Light / Medium Chemical Peels and eMatrix® for sun damage
  • SkinPen for skin rejuvenation and texture
  • Dermal Fillers for lost volume and nasolabial folds
  • Ultherapy® for sagging skin in the face and neck area

Pigmentation and Acne Scarring Example

Craig is 40 years old and had concerns about the texture, pigmentation and scars on his skin.

We treated Craig with a series of SkinPen MicroNeedling, eMatrix and a Vitalize chemical peel. His acne scaring and pigmentation has greatly improved. An added benefit was how his cheeks were slightly lifted from the energy based eMatrix treatments. These pictures were over a 90 day period.

for-men3  for-men2

Wrinkles & Aging Skin Example

Steve is 54 years old and complained of deep lines in his face and pigmentation. Steve has always been in excellent physical shape and wanted his face to look closer to what he looked like 10 years ago.

We treated Steve with a series of eMatrix® treatments, DYSPORT®, dermal filler Perlane® and a Vitalize chemical peel. As you can see, Steve’s lines have diminished significantly and the texture and pigmentation of his skin has improved dramatically, all within just over 90 days.


For Men Only May 8, 2015



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