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At Ageless Laser Hair Removal, we use only the most advanced lasers (Candela) that are the ” state of art ” in hair removal lasers. These laser remove hair with less discomfort and are more effective than any other methods of hair removal. Our Candela lasers feature a cooling device that blows “cold air” on the patients skin during the laser procedure that provides our patients with added comfort.

Our lasers, specifically Candela GentleMax / GentleLASE deliver light at very specific wavelengths, that are specific for removing hair permanently. This energy that is used is very effective and a safe way to destroy the hair follicle. A true laser (vs IPL) is so much more effective at permanently removing hair, so be aware of the technology being used for hair removal.

Many of our patients have received treatments at other medical offices or medical spas and ask why they have had 10-15 plus treatments and still have hair in the treated areas. The typical reason is either because of an IPL device was being used or lack of skill in the medical practitioner running the laser.

So, before you go anywhere else, you must ask if they are using a true laser or an IPL device. Then ask what type of laser is being used as many medical offices try to use the same laser that for multiple purposes (hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation etc.). The end result is poor results in all procedures.

Technology, Experience & Price Leaders

We feel that by having the latest laser hair removal technology along with the most experienced staff makes us the South Florida laser hair removal leaders. Our 5 out of 5 rating on YELP demonstrates our ability to execute and satisfy our patients.

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These guys do such a great job!! I’ve been to ageless Skin Medical Spa probably 4 or 5 times for facials. I have rosacea and haven’t had great luck finding some place that could help with it (darn Irish ancestors!!!). But after one facial with the Revitalight thingy, it was like a miracle had happened. Sadly I moved away from Florida…otherwise I’d definitely still be going.

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