Acne Scars and General Scarring
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Sometimes a scar does not just affect you physically, but emotionally as well. Most people are embarrassed or uncomfortable with the appearance of scars on their body. Whether you have acne scars, surgical scars, or scars that resulted from an injury, you may be ready to improve their appearance.

The Icon 1540 is one of the most advanced Fractional Laser Scar Resurfacing treatment system available for treating scars. This laser provides amazing results for treatment of pigmented and depressed scars through a series of minimally invasive laser treatments. Through promotion of cellular re-organization within scarred tissues, creating new collagen growth, the Icon 1540 is able to create permanent scar solutions in safe, quick sessions.

Acne Scars


By allowing for more user control, the Icon 1540 Laser Skin Resurfacing System provides our Medical Practitioners a tool that can be tailored to the individual, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all treatment. This is in alignment with our commitment to individualized, comprehensive care at Ageless Medical.


Acne scars form as the skin heals from large and inflamed pustules and papules, sometimes resulting in hyperpigmentation and/or texture irregularities. There are many treatments that claim to improve the appearance of these scars, but skin care products are the least effective of these treatments, and most patients do not find adequate results from using these products alone. Dermal fillers can create a temporary solution for depressions, but do not address tone and texture the way lasers can. In addition, the results from laser skin resurfacing are cumulative unlike dermal fillers.

The Laser Scar Resurfacing treatments provided at Ageless Medical are different from other options in that these treatments create powerful results that continue to develop over 3-4 months after your treatment.  These treatments work without removing the top layer of your skin, which is what causes that swollen red look that you can see with ablative laser procedures, micro channeling and peels. The gradual and natural results you’ll see from your very first treatment will leave your skin looking rejuvenated over time, so it will not be obvious that you may had a treatment.

In comparison to surgery, the ICON offers fast, effective scar reduction with very little risk and less downtime. The hand piece also has an advanced cooling system that is delivered immediately to the skin tissue to lessen discomfort. Directly after the treatment, patients may experience mild redness to the skin and/or a sensation of heat for 24 hours. Most patients can return to work immediately after a treatment.  Depending on the depth of the scars, 2-4 treatments may be required.

A major benefit of laser scar reduction with the ICON system is that it can be used on all skin types, while many other laser systems are limited to specific candidates.

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