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At Ageless Medical we provide “Ageless Skin” through medical expertise. We use a diagnostic approach to your skin and fat reduction issues and initiate a treatment plan that allows the “real” you to match how you look on your outside!  We use only the latest proven and FDA approved technologies. Read our latest article on how you can lose at least 1 inch in 1 hour with 1 LipoSonix treatment!
We help our patients to “Defy Age” at Ageless Medical and are committed to offering the most effective, research proven, non-invasive technology & procedures that allow you to look 10 or more years younger than your chronological age. Several new technologies are available to prevent and reverse the effects of aging and to treat acne, scarspigmentation, cellulite, laser tattoo removal, fat reduction, and wrinkles (with dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Radiesse, Perlane and the new collagen building Sculptra).
Ageless Medical is also one of the few Platinum Juvederm and Botox providers in Fort Lauderdale.  In addition, Erin Owoc, ARNP is a National Trainer for Allergan, training local Doctors and other Medical Practitioners on how to properly administer Botox and Juvederm in South Florida.

At Ageless Medical we offer Laser Hair Removal using the state of the art Candela lasers (one laser for dark skin and one laser for light skin). Our medical laser practitioner, Lisa Matire has over 13 years experience performing Laser Hair Removal and is a local Laser Hair Removal trainer as well as a presenter/educator for the National Society of Clinical Hair Removal. So we offer the most effective technology with a very experienced medical laser practitioner all at the most competitive pricing in South Florida. Come visit us in west Fort Lauderdale so we can help you Defy Your Age today.


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